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Basildon Town Centre

Landscape Strategy

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Project Type

Landscape, Sustainability, Community, Strategy



Basildon, Essex, UK


Firm believers in the power of landscape to transform experience, we designed an inclusive, revitalising landscape strategy for the proposed redevelopment of a site that sits at the heart of Basildon town centre, surrounded by two of the town’s main public spaces.

Incorporating both the public realm and the residential amenity spaces located at the site, the landscape strategy’s overall objectives are to reinvigorate the town centre by:

• creating a sense of place and providing greater identity to Basildon Town Centre
• introducing a range of activities that increase occupation and activation of the public realm
• providing a variety of valuable and multi-functional residential amenity spaces
• increasing biodiversity and sensory engagement through a rich planting palette
• utilising a high-quality design approach that enhances the identity of the residential offer.

After carefully considering the site conditions, we created a series of symbiotic, multi-generational and multi-functional spaces that enhance the town centre for both residents and visitors. Our designs use highly playable features such as water, green spaces and dynamic materials to enliven the public realm for all ages. The result is a playful yet robust scheme that aims to revitalize the variety of spaces in the town centre.

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