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How We Work

Passionate about creating playful, inclusive spaces that prioritise people’s wellbeing and foster a sense of community, we are dedicated to improving our urban realm without compromising creativity and design.

Our expertise enables us to support clients for the whole lifecycle of a project, from concepts and strategic masterplan, through consultation and engagement to implementation and maintenance.

Our areas of focus are:

Urban space is at a premium and particularly public space within developments. We create multi layered, adaptable spaces which create social and economic value.

Our architectural understanding  of the urban realm combined with an astute commercial and community experience results in a design approach that can pinpoint and harness value throughout the project.

Adding Social and Economic Value

We create and protect places for people, enhancing quality of life, despite the relentless densification of the city.  At the same time, we add value to complex and constrained urban sites by maximising opportunities to use dead space.


When we are involved early in a process, our research led approach allows us to embed placemaking concepts from an early, strategic point of view. 

Strategic Urban Placemaking

We are highly collaborative, consulting with existing communities to create rich and varied spaces that people want and which they will use. 

We endeavour to understand not only how people use the spaces we design, but what the spaces can give back to their occupiers.  To this end, we seek out and listen to local voices and, through thorough research, engagement and consultation, we create spaces that are rich and varied in design and attract a wide range of users.  This results in enhanced opportunities for interaction and a strong sense of community within our projects.

Our methods mean that each project is highly tailored; allowing us to experiment and investigate new approaches that can both support communities for decades to come, and be easily adapted to take on new challenges.

Engaging People and Community

Beautiful, sustainable, biodiverse landscapes with a pragmatic approach to implementation. 

Our work is carefully considered to integrate community, ecologically responsible planting palettes, and a pragmatic approach to the financial realities of projects. 

We use our extensive knowledge to create beautiful, varied landscapes which increase biodiversity within the urban realm, and which are sustainable, practical and easy to maintain. 

Maximising Sustainability 

Landscape has a critical role in supporting well-being for all ages, and can make a difference to how we experience life and how we feel. We have deep research in this area and can champion the beneficial effects of well-designed public realm across all sectors and with all stakeholders.

Our work aims to create an emotional connection with a place through a series of strategies that allow people to build a deeper engagement with their environment. We strive to explore potential for variety, even within the smallest of spaces, allowing people to draw from them what they need personally.

Enhancing Wellbeing

Our spaces create moments of delight and playfulness encouraging use by a wide variety of people.

Play has so many benefits and even small moments of outdoor play can be incredibly beneficial to mental health, particularly when they enable social interaction. When play is carefully considered as an integral part of the landscape it can be used to enhance the environment for a variety of users of all ages. 

Increasing Playfulness

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