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Canada Water

Landscape strategy

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Project Type

Landscape, Strategy, Sustainability, Community, Play, Wellbeing


British Land


Canada Water, London, UK


Designed to create joyful and engaging places that benefit the community for years to come, our bold landscape strategy for a new development within the Canada Water Masterplan incorporates residential, office and communal amenity spaces.

The analysis, design proposals and strategies for the site are aligned with the strategic goals for the Masterplan, and aim to promote mental and physical wellbeing, as well as nurture the local community and improve biodiversity.

The landscape strategy’s guiding principles are to be:

(i) Boldly sustainable: The design aims to be sustainable in not only horticulture, but in terms of community and inclusivity. Materials are designed to be durable and self-finishing, whilst the layout aims to create comfortable environments throughout the year. The planting strategy seeks to increase biodiversity by reinforcing the existing plant communities of the area, enhancing the quality and range of habitats and promoting the variety of flora and fauna.

(ii) Diverse and imaginative play: Playful, thoughtful and beautiful, the design provides space and triggers for creative and imaginative play, community gatherings, quiet contemplation and a level of external privacy and comfort achieved by the breakdown of the different types of space. Benches are positioned to allow flexibility - and views out of and through the development - and planting is to be rich and diverse.

(iii) Community driving: The transformative spaces that we create help to draw people together, allow them to connect with others in the building and serve as a driving force for enhanced community. Creating spaces for communal activities, such as growing and keeping wildlife gardens, enables people to be part of something more than their individual occupation and gives them a sense of belonging in the community.

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